71 grams of coal produces 0.58011 kilowatt-hour, or 5 hours and 48 minutes of lighting for a 100-watt bulb. 

In France, the use of coal still remains at 1.4% of energy production, compared to approximatly 40% of global energy production. The French coal market no longer responds to imports of coal. In recent years, they have stabilised to around 20 million tonnes (21.5 million tonnes in 2005). These imports consist of steam coal for 65% or about 13,000,000 tonnes for electricity production of EDF (Electricté de France), which is equivalent to 20% of the electricity consumed in Haute Normandie. Coking coal represents 35% of French imports and is used for steelmaking. Five countries contribute the main source of coal supply : the United States, Poland, Colombia, South Africa and Australia. 

In 2016, French electricity produced by coal was 7.3 TWh (7 300 000 000 Kilowatt-hour [kWh]). These 13 000 000 tonnes would require approximately 183 098 591 549 pieces of coal, weighing 71 grams each.